Sweet Spot Golf has announced it is a proud supporter of Autism Care and Treatment's 4th Annual Charity Golf Tournament benefiting children with autism. The event will be held on Monday, May 17,2010 at Braemar Country Club in Tarzana, CA. 

"We are so grateful for the support of Sweet Spot Golf," says Tournament Director Stefan de Nocker. "Their product donation will go a long way in helping us provide autism care and treatment to those in need." 

Product Donations from companies like Sweet Spot Golf will be used  in the event's evening Silent and Live Auction, where all proceeds will go toward providing necessary care and treatment (i.e. therapy, helmets, social skills groups, biomedical; treatment, etc.) to children whose families can not afford these tools for their child to live a productive life.


"I have an idea."
- C. Parise, Father of the SSG Design

Yeah it always starts with an idea. The funny thing about an idea is that unless you act on it, it won't do you or anyone any good. So here we are. A new David amongst an Army of Goliaths. People ask us all the time. "Are you ready to take on the big boys?" Our answer is simple. "We do have some intelligence. We're not trying to beat the big guys, we're just offering something different. After all, not everyone wants to play with their daddy's clubs."

The idea began as a driver (yeah always with the Big Dog) and the thought of aerodynamic designs seen in down hill ski racing and bicycle racing helmets (you knew you had seen that look before). It's not how fast WE can make you swing but rather the dynamics of how to reduce the coefficient of drag during your downswing. Basically saying that to move the air around your clubhead with the least amount of resistance. Since we cannot control your swing speed, we can offer you an aerodynamic clubhead that offers a smaller coefficient of drag. Just read this equation and you'll get it.

F = 1/2 CDAV

Okay, so you forgot everything from your physics class. Well, don't wait for the movie. Just trust us on this one. The least resistance you have the more accurate you'll be at impact AND your club will move through the air quicker.

Golf doesn't have to be a bore and neither do you.
Okay, so now that you understand the laws of aerodynamics (don't worry, there's not a quiz coming), let's talk about your game and our clubs. A lot of people view golf as a really boring game (We hate those people) and they have even said that it isn't even a sport (tell that to Tiger Woods). Well it is a sport and a damn fine one at that. Have you seen all of those drivers and hybrids out there? Round or square they all share the same wonderful look of black on top. Henry Ford once said of his model T "You can have it in any color you want, as long as it's black." So back to our idea. We are not all the same, we all play a different game and some of us like to express ourselves. So to all of you who think golf is boring and everything is the same… we say "you ain't seen nothing yet!"

So we got together for a big meeting. And after many many many minutes we came to a huge conclusion; "We should be having this meeting on the golf course!" Then we came up with another brilliant idea. ADD COLOR. The unique look of our clubs will also help you improve your game. How? If you integrate the design/look into your game; that's right Einsteins, use the Sweet Spot Diamond and the lines on the club and match them to your target line and VOILA. At least by aiming in the right direction you are beginning the process correctly. However, whatever goofy stuff you do with your swing between address and impact is solely your responsibility. See our legal disclaimer if you don't believe us…

Maximum MOI (everyone's talking about it and we got it!)
"Moment of inertia, also called mass moment of inertia and, sometimes, the angular mass, (SI units kg m2, Former British units slug ft2), is the rotational analog of mass." A special thanks to Wikipedia for this. What we are talking about is this. Have you ever hit a driver off the toe or close to the hosel? At impact the force from your brutish swing suddenly twists your club left or right, causing you to let out a groan as the rest of your foursome snickers. Well, our drivers, hybrids and putters come with peripheral weighting to the left and right of the club face. This weighting system will help you keep your club from twisting at impact. Pushing more mass through impact instead of allowing the ball to turn your club and putting a nasty left to right or right to left spin on your ball. Again the disclaimer… we can only do so much for you. We cannot control your actual swing, grow up and take some responsibility for your game. See a professional (we are talking a golf pro here, not your mother's therapist).

All Together Now
So, aerodynamics, combined with a stylistic design to help you find your line, an additional weighting system to keep your club from twisting at impact, add up to why we are who we are. We feel pretty strong about this concept. You will also get the added benefit of people gawking at you standing there with your clubs as you brutally send your drive down the fairway, roll it onto the green and into the cup. They'll definitely know that you're not playing with your old man's clubs anymore. So give us a swing. And if you like us, well guess what, we'll like you too.

Go Ahead. Be Different.

For more information about Sweet Spot Golf, visit www.sweetspotgolf.net.

For more information about how youi can get extra promotion for your company  
AND support children with autism, contact daphne@act-today.org