FOX Reality Channel's star of Househusbands of Hollywood Discusses Autism

Actor Grant Reynolds is co-chairperson of ACT Today's 3rd Annual Golf Tournament...benefiting children with auism.

Who is Autism Care and Treatment (ACT Today!)

What is ACT Today!’s Mission? Vision? Core Offerings? Values?

ACT Today! is a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization whose mission is to increase access to effective autism treatments. Our goal is to introduce and help facilitate early and on-going treatment by providing the necessary resources including guidance, referrals, funding and follow up to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) and their families.

Our vision is that all families, regardless of their economic situation, will one day be able to receive the care they need to help their child with autism progress to their highest potential. Current statistics show that 1 in 150 children have autism and these numbers are continuing to rise. The cost of autism on society is currently at 100 billion dollars a year and growing rapidly. Many treatments are not covered by school districts or insurance companies and therefore are prohibitive to many families.

ACT Today! gives these families hope and help as we offer financial grants to qualified families so that their child might receive medical and therapeutic treatments which were previously out of reach.

At ACT Today! we believe each child with autism deserves the opportunity to receive effective treatments in order to help them overcome many of their daily challenges that the business and individual community at large has the power to be ACTivists and can make a significant impact in the lives of children with autism.

that the time to Act is NOW! The lives of today’s children and tomorrow’s generation depend upon treatment today!

Who do you serve? (Demographics of population served)

The majority of our grant recipients come from families that have lower income, are being raised by a single parent or grandparents and reside in an area with limited services. We do not limit our grants according to age, income or region. We provide grants to children and adults as we recognize the need for care and treatment for all autistic individuals. We do not have an income limit as we take into account the number of dependents associated with that income. The income bracket of the majority of our recipients is between $0 - $30,000.

What differentiates ACT Today!’s organization from others?

ACT Today! is unique in that it gives help where it is needed most, directly to the child in need! Each child with autism presents with unique challenges be it verbal, physical or mental limitations. Our program is different as we allow the family to present their “wish” to us. Each request is then thoroughly reviewed and costs are verified. Upon grant acceptance, the family is then able to provide the intervention needed most for their child.

What key accomplishments has ACT Today!’s organization made to further ACT Today!’s cause?

We have raised $300,000 in the last 18 months from our fundraising activities.
How long has ACT Today!’s organization been achieving these positive results for ACT Today!’s cause?
In the last 18 months, we have raised record funds despite a downturn in the economy. We are now looking for corporate sponsors to partner with outside of specific events.

Who currently supports ACT Today!’s organization? (Demographics of supporters)

Because Autism doesn’t discriminate in those it affects, our support comes from a wide variety of sources. We have a long list of corporate sponsors. .In addition, our Board consists of ACT Today’s founder Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh, business executives, attorneys, and autism advocates. ACT Today! is also supported by several celebrities such as Tom Bergeron, Lou Diamond Phillips and Leeza Gibbons who are generous to lend us their time and talent at our many newsworthy fundraisers. In addition, ACT Today! is supported by thousands of individuals who understand that the time is now to ACT Today! and to help those in the grips of autism.

How much money would you like to raise from corporate sponsors next year and beyond? (most corporations require proposals at least one year in advance to pre-budget charitable sponsorships - rarely under 6 months)

Exclusive of events, we would like to receive on-going support from corporate sponsors who believe in our mission and our goals. We would like to raise enough funds to double the amount of grants we are able to give each year and further double the amount every year thereafter.

What specific outcomes would these new funds provide for ACT Today!’s charity's clients and community?

We would be able to fund more of our grant requests. We would institute special funds for grants for specific needs (behavior therapy, bio-medical treatment, assisted technology, advocate and attorney services, and we could begin a signature fund to provide SKILLS (a computer based program which allows parents to provide home therapy to their children)

How will sponsors benefit from contributing to these results and encourage ongoing support?

Our corporate sponsors would have their names prominently presented at our 4-6 major fundraisers each year. Their logo would appear on all Save the Date cards, Invitations, Event Programs and signage not to mention on our website. We would encourage our supporters to patronage these sponsors as a means to thank them for all they are doing to elevate ACT Today! as we continue to do our work of supporting families with autism.

Where can supporters learn about ACT Today!’s achievements, programs and events?

ACT Today! has a website at which lists our mission as well as all of our current and past events. You can also find us at Facebook and on twitter:, respectively. We also have a blog for our annual golf tournament, which can be found at

What would constitute a successful partnership for you?

A corporate entity with high public visibility, preferably with a logical connection to families and children.

Do you have testimonials from clients served, or past sponsors, to acknowledge ACT Today!’s successes?

Below are a couple testimonials from families that have received an ACT Today! grant for their child. 


Hello ACT Today!:

This letter is long overdue however It has been in my intentions for quite some time. I wanted to thank you and all of the committee members who were instrumental in awarding my son a grant for $2000. Jaivon is currently 14 years old and on the "Autism Spectrum". At the time of the application institutionalization was imminent as he became extremely aggressive and out of control and was recently discharged from a psychiatric hospitalization. The purpose of the grant was to secure additional hours for in-home nurses aid services to assist him with behavior management and activities of daily living. It has been 8 months and I am pleased to say he is still at home and doing much better. He started High School last week (9th grade) and has made a great adjustment. This proves that children on the spectrum can live at home with additional community support. Thank you again. Please feel free to use the photos and my testimony. I am forever grateful. 

Rhonda Savain (mother)


Hi ACT Today,

Thank you and the Scholarship Board for the granting of $1000 for Benjamin's initial visit to the DAN! doctor. It was overwhelming to be able to actually start the initial visit. This has put Benjamin on the road to continued recovery and we are forever thankful. See, Benjamin was born with congenital heart defects and has had two open heart surgeries and two heart catheterizations so far. We thought, okay this is something we can get fixed with surgery. Then in February of 2008 we heard the words "he has what's called high-functioning autism or what is also called Asperger's" Our world stopped. How do we fix this? The neuropsychologist evaluation was of no help since we waited 10 months for it to happen and are still waiting for the results 9 months later. I knew I had to take matters into my own hands. I started Benjamin with an OT, a Speech Therapist and put him on the GF/CF diet. Now, here we are starting to see a DAN! doctor. I have fought to get where I am with Benjamin, and with your help I am continuing to be able to fight. Thank you so very much guys. You truly are a blessing to our lives.


Charlene Shawa