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Ashley Van Dyke - Race car driver / Model / Broadcaster
Stefan de Nocker - Tournament Director
Car - Aston Martin
Ran Ballard: Director of Videography
Suzanne Oshinsky: Videographer
Suset Garcia: Director of Still Photography
Aenid Reyes: Video Co - Producer
Michelle Gorohovski: Video Co - Producer
Daphne Plump: Tournament / Video Executive Producer

NBC Hit Series, "CHUCK," Star Joins Autism Care and Treatment's 4th Annual Charity Golf Tournament

Mark Christopher Lawrence, who plays "Big Mike" on the hit NBC show, Chuck, is ACT Today's 4th Annual Charity Golf Tournament co-spokesperson. Lawrence makes millions of people laugh weekly on the NBC show, but he says autism..."is no laughing matter!"

About Mark Christopher Lawrence:

Mark Christopher Lawrence is one of Hollywood's most sought-after character actors. In addition to displaying a variety of theatrical skills, this diverse actor also excels as a producer, a vocalist, and an accomplished stand-up comedian. Best known for his role of Mix Master Tone Def, in the cult classic "Fear of a Black Hat," Lawrence utilized his creative talents as a character actor and besieged audiences in this comical spoof based on "This is Spinal Tap," about a Gangsta Rap group named N.W.H. Most recently, Lawrence's talents can be seen in "The Pursuit of Happyness," alongside Will Smith and on NBC as Big Mike on the hit comedy CHUCK.

Though he is known for his clever characters, Lawrence's true talent is his genuine ability to make others laugh and his indisputable love for people and their well-being. Additionally, he enjoys stimulating awareness for social, political and economical situations through comedy.